Soluna Salles Bernal

se TOD amu TA sellasanulos

BA in English Language and Literature, University of Málaga, 2014
MA in English Language, University of Málaga 2015

Soluna Salles Bernal graduated in English Studies in 2014 at the University of Málaga, obtaining the Master’s degree in English Studies and Intercultural and Multilingual Communication in 2015. The master’s thesis dissertation dealt with the edition and philological study of Glasgow University Library, MS Hunter 303 (pp. 1-144): Treatise on the Diseases of Women. She is interested in the study of language variation, Corpus Linguistics and Historical Linguistics.


  • (2016). Punctuation Patterns in a 17th-Century Medical Manuscript : A Corpus-Based Study of G . U . L . MS 303. Nordic Journal of English Studies 15 (4): 78–106
  • (2015). Synchronic Analysis of the Progressive Aspect in Three Varieties of Asian Englishes. Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies 51: 87-107

Departamento de Filología Inglesa, Francesa y Alemana | Facultad de Filosofía y Letras | Universidad de Málaga